To honor and preserve Hispanic Culture and to empower present and future Hispanic Generations.


Latin Ladies Organization, Inc. was initially started by a core group of Hispanic ladies from  Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia, Spain and Puerto Rico in 1995. In 1995, they started getting together for monthly social dinners. Shortly after the monthly dinners they decided to establish a worthy mission that could benefit Hispanic youth in Franklin County. In 1996 they elected their first sets of officers. The group received their not for profit status from the State of Ohio in 1997 which was followed by the 501c3 federal status in 2003.Scholarships funds were raised by hosting bake sales, cookbook and beverage sales, silent auctions, raffles, events, memberships and donations. Historically, scholarships have been awarded at the annual Scholarship Award gala on a yearly basis.

A Message from the President: 

It has been a great year of reflection into the past and moving forward into the future of Latin Ladies and Friends Organization. We engaged new members, increased memberships to its current 62 members, created a Brunch Series and established many great partnerships with Latino owned businesses, community organizations and community leaders. We are especially excited about our continued partnerships with Festival Latino, The Ohio State University, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and many more. We hope that you consider supporting our Logros Latinos scholarship fund today! 

Best regards, 

Diana Pagán