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Our goal is to recruit lots of members to give away scholarships – Education is the key to success!

100% of the funds go to the Logros Latinos Scholarship Fund.

Join us and our current members to support our Latino youth.

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Aireen & Pedro Aguilar
Josefina Angulo
Arabella Awad
Drania Barahona
Roberto Machado
Carolina Cañas
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Tamela Collins
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Ivana Moreno
Andrea Oliva- Sanchez
Nadia Ortega
Diana Elizabeth Pagán
Liza S.Paul
Anamaria Perales-Lang
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Nuria Rubio
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Magdalena Sambois
Raquel Paez Satala
Maria Lucila Ortiz Smith
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Guadalupe A. Velasquez
Christina A. Vera
Vilma & Victor Zayas