Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarships as of April 2015:

83 scholarships have been awarded to Latino students by Latin Ladies Organization.
From 2010-2015

20 students received scholarships totaling $31,600

$1,000 awarded to Natalie Rose Welton-Torres – 2015
$1,000 awarded to Yamilex Molina – 2015
$500 awarded to Michelle Catherine Sdao – 2015

$3,300 awarded to Victor Omar D’Angelo received – 2010, 2012 and 2013. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in January 2014 from Franklin University.

$2,300 awarded to Carla Castillo – 2010 and 2013. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health and aminor in Portuguese in May 2014.

Scholarship Updates

1. Residence eligibility of applicants are for Franklin County only.
2. The GPA is upgraded to 3.0.
3. Amount of award will be determined from eligibility criteria of: Financial need (40%), GPA (30%), Character and Integrity (15%) and Community service (15%).
4. Two dates of interview will be scheduled and the committee will award up to 15 recipients if need be.Deadline for Application will be November, 30 2015

Scholarship for the Arts Fund

The Roman Gerling Family Fund for the Arts has been established in memory and honor of their beloved Mother and Grandmother, Cecilia Roman Perez Ariza, as a tribute to her lifetime passion for music and performance talent on the piano.The Fund for the Arts will support the study and exploration of the performance, visual and literary arts, as well as the creation and production of new artistic works by emerging artists.Grants made by the Fund will provide artists with material resources, supplies and equipment that will enable growth in the artist’s study and exploration in a clear and meaningful way.

The Roman Gerling Family Fund for the Arts is a charitable legacy under the stewardship of Las Damas Latinas Organization and serves a designated field of interest, donor advised fund.

The maximum grant is $250. All grants are subject to available funds. Recipients must agree to report on the use of the grant funds.

Thank you notes from recipients……

How can I begin to thank everyone who has contributed to my higher education? I don’t believe that a simple “Thank-you” will do but for now that is the only way I can xpress my gratitude. I write this letter to let Damas Latinas as well as American Family Insurance that with out this scholarship I would probably be falling behind, simply because books and tuition is too expensive, especially for a low-income family.Growing up I never gave the slightest thought of graduating high school or one day attending college. It was not because I didn’t believe in myself but I simply didn’t want to think about the future. I simply lived trying to survive each surgery and illness that came my way. I thought that after having five surgeries I would be less scared of life. It actually made me more afraid that my life served no purpose in this world. That is why I never thought of tomorrow would bring. I simply lived each day like it was the last. The day of my graduation was one of the happiest days of my life. My whole family was there cheering for me. I can’t explain how warm and happy I felt. From that day on I knew that it was okay to think forward and be ambitious in certain aspects of life. I knew where I wanted to attend but I was slightly worried. Otterbein College, a private Methodist institution with tuition of 25,065, my mother’s annual income was less than that. I was not including books, school supplies, and much more. I still felt like that
was the school for me. Thanks to FAFSA I was able to pay for the majority of the tuition and I was given the opportunity to work in the library to pay for the rest of my
tuition through a federal work study job. I was still falling behind financially, but thanks to the Damas Latinas/American Family Scholarships this year, it will ease  one of my worries.Over the summer I volunteered in the Center for Child & Family Advocacy and that is when it hit me “I found my purpose”. In the center I work with physically and/or sexually abused children as well as children who face neglect. Once a week I would watch and interact with these chilchildren in a play room while they had to wait there turn to be seen by a social worker, nurse, medical specialist, psychologist and much more. The first night I went home after volunteering I cried. I couldn’t help it, I never went through any abuse growing up as a child and to see these beautiful and innocent children it broke my heart. I wanted to do more but as a volunteer I am very limited in what I can do or say. I believe that graduating with a double major in Psychology and Sociology will get me in a career where I will be able to do more for children who need caring and loving adults who will get them out of horrible situations.I have found my purpose and thanks to all the caring individuals who are helping me financially get through college I will be able to help these children. Thank you for helping me and giving me the strength to continue and one day fulfill my purpose to help others in need.Thank you,Socorro Osorio Quiroz
___________________________________________________________________________________Dear Damas Latinas Y Amigos and AmericanFamily Scholarship Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the support in which you have bestowed on me. Your generosity has allowed me to continue my education in the completion of a Bachelors degree in Social Work at Ohio Dominican University. As I complete my last semester for graduation in December of this year, I would like to briefly touch on other aspects I have been able to participate in at my university. I am currently a fourth year Resident Assistant in the freshmen residence hall. In addition to that I am a senior mentor for a new mentor program which serves first year-first time-minority students adapt to college. I also am an executive member for two multicultural groups, Amigos Latinos and Bridges of Diversity. Your belief in me has allowed me to gain confidence in my work as a student. This past summer thanks to your help I finished my Spanish minor at the Universidad de Guadalajara through a study abroad program. Following my graduation I anticipate the start of graduate school to work towards a Masters degree in Bicultural Studies. In so many ways this committee has impacted my life, and for that I am forever grateful.Sincerely,Michael González

Dear American Family Insurance and Damas Latinas,I would like to give you the upmost respect and many thanks for your generous scholarship. With this I am able to continue my studies and further my educational abilities. This year at Ohio Dominican is my junior year and is a very critical time in my educational career. Many of my classes are challenging, so it should make for an interesting semester.At the start of this academic year I was elected president of Amigos Latinos. Amigos Latinos is the only Latino group on campus and we are in the process of revitalization. Our mission is to, “educate about issues pertaining to the Latin and Latin American communities, raising cultural awareness, build fellowship, and promote positive social hange against discrimination”. Our first event is a fundraiser for AIDS Walk Cleveland. This is an event that I participate in yearly and have expanded its goal and purpose, paying special attention to AIDS awareness among Latinos. It was such an honor to be elected to that position. My personal goal for this group is to continue its mission and help it evolve.

Along with the group, I am also participating in the Peer Advisor program. This program involved upper-class students mentoring first year students. This mentoring program has been extremely beneficial. I have met many different students from different backgrounds and helping them acclimate into college life. In addition, I was elected junior class representative. With this position, I am part of the Student Government Organization. So as you see, I have my plate full this year. However, without your generous  ffering, I would not have been able to do so. I promise to you that this year, I will use my abilities to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Thank you so much!


Alysia Montanez